Things you need to know about downloading and installing Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a desktop application that can emulate the Android Operating System. It allows you to run mobile programs such as games and text messaging apps.

Bluestacks is commonly downloaded by gamers who want to play mobile games in their desktop since it’s easier to navigate game applications with the use of keyboard and mouse. With Bluestacks you can download Play Store free and play mobile games in your computer. Mobile developers also use Bluestacks because it serves as an avenue for software debugging.

How to download Bluestacks

To download Bluestacks, click the download button on this page. Bluestacks will be downloaded automatically within a few seconds. If you can’t find a download progress, restart your browser and try again.

Things that can affect your Bluestacks download:

  • Internet speed – If you have a slower internet connection, then the download can take up to 20 minutes or more. Now, even if you have a faster connection, you still need to make sure that it will not be disconnected during download, because the progress will be halted, and you’ll end up with a corrupted exe.file.
  • Disk space – Bluestacks installer weighs more than 240 MB. If your local disk space is almost full, then the download will be stopped. Make sure to clear and delete unnecessary files before downloading Bluestacks.
  • Antivirus software– Some antivirus installed in computers will assume that your download is a threat because it’s an unrecognized exe.file. If a virus warning appeared during download, open your antivirus, and place an exception to the website. You don’t have to worry because Bluestacks installer doesn’t contain malicious files.
  • Temporary Internet Files – If you already prepared your internet, disk space, and antivirus, but your download still doesn’t finish, then it could possibly be a problem with your internet cache. To solve this, you can clear your temporary internet files in the history section of your browser.

How to install Bluestacks in my computer

When the download is complete, you should first check the installer if it’s corrupted or not. One way to check this is through the icon. If the icon of the installer resembles 4 colored papers that are stacked, then it’s the right one. If the icon resembles 1 white paper, then it’s probably a corrupted file. Delete the corrupted file and repeat the download.

If you are sure that downloaded the appropriate file, then you can now follow these instructions to install Bluestacks in your computer.

  • Disable your antivirus to avoid installation problems.
  • Find and double click the icon of the Bluestacks installer.
  • A security prompt will appear, click Run to continue with the installation.
  • Wait for a few seconds because the installer will now extract the files.
  • Another interface will appear. If you wish to edit settings before installing, then you can click “Customize Installation” which can be found on the lower right of the screen.(You can choose the data path of Bluestacks by clicking the “Folder”.)
  • Check the “Accept Software License”, you can read the whole license by clicking the “Software License”. Once you’re done, you can now start by clicking the “Install Now”.
  • Bluestacks installation will take up to 3 to 5 minutes. Once it’s done, it will automatically launch, and you can now use the program.

Things to consider before installing Bluestacks:

  • Disk space – At least 3 GB space is needed to install Bluestacks.
  • RAM – At least 2 GB RAM is needed to execute most of the applications in Bluestacks.
  • Permission – Using the computer as Administrator is needed to accept Bluestacks installation.
  • BitDefender – BitDefender will interfere with Bluestacks. It’s best to turn off BitDefender when using Bluestacks.

How can i customize Bluestacks settings

To edit the Bluestacks settings, open Bluestacks and click the Settings button that can be found on the upper right screen. Here is the list of features that you can customize:

  • Display – you can alter the aspect ratio (ie. 1280 x 720). You can also set your preferred screen size, and you can change the DPI to low (160dpi) or high (240dpi).
  • Engine – includes options for graphics mode (DirectX or OpenGL). You can choose the number of CPU cores that will be utilized by Bluestacks. You can also adjust the memory that will be allocated to the application. Keep in mind that the recommended memory is 1024mb.
  • Boss key – this key will let you hide or show Bluestacks. It’s identified by ctrl + alt + any key that you want.
  • Notifications – you can choose whether you want to show notifications or not. You can also set the position on where the notification will appear.
  • Preferences – you’ll be able to place Bluestacks applications as desktop shortcuts.
  • Update – you can choose to manually or automatically update Bluestacks.
  • Volume Control – you can adjust the volume of the applications that run in Bluestacks.
  • Remember that the changes you make in the settings will only be applied after you restart Bluestacks.